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Wohnort: In der Restmülltonne

Registrierungsdatum: 05.04.2014, 09:15 Uhr)

Punkte: 34880

Rang: 1892

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Über mich:

There once was a girl
A long time ago

Who wanted to see
Some more of the world

But as it turned out
She wasn't allowed

And off was her head
With her world turning black

So what could I say?
Let's not talk about that!

Woken up from a slumber
Which she couldn't remember

She found herself in a pit
All dirty and barely lit

Sheer hellish a place
Though she remained unfazed

Cause a Demon was born
From anger and scorn

Will grow stronger and stronger
Is a demon no longer

As a Goddess returned
To her once unknown world

Will she bring forth darkness
Of calamity and harshness

And know it will stay that way
For she's here to this day